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HelixPlayer for Symbian v1.0


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HelixPlayer for Symbian v1.0

This is the first project in Helix Community that created the S60 Player GUI and ported Helix DNA Client to Symbian OS to produce a fully featured player on a Symbian device. This project is now closed for new development and while open to maintenace patches, it is mostly inactive. It servers as a foundation for subsequent versions of HelixPlayer for Symbian.

Helix DNA Client for Symbian v1.0 GUI


Helix DNA client is a modular architecture in which profiles can be specified to include any combination of needed features. However, to reduce the cost of testing, two profiles are envisioned at this time for this project:

  • Standard:
Features/Terms RPSL Binary EULA RCSL Other
File formats .3gp .mp3 .amr .rm .rm -
Audio Codecs MP3 AMR-NB(Symbian-OS) RA8-LBR RA8-LBR AMR-WB sipro
Video Codecs - RV7 RV8 RV9 H263+ RV7 RV8 RV9 H263+ MPEG4-Video
Architecture Plugins - - -

  • Rich Media - includes all Standard feature plus the following:
Features/Terms RPSL Binary EULA RCSL Other
Network HTTP1.0* - - -
File formats .smil, .jpg, .gif, .png, .wbmp - - -
Audio Codecs - - - AAC+
Architecture Video-Layout Multi-Media-Timing - - -

* - Streaming and progressive download

Project Milestones

  • Emulator RA/RV Playback w/ NIL site - 2/19/03 [COMPLETED]
  • On Device RA Local Playback - 3/21/03 [COMPLETED]
  • On Device RA/RV local Playback - 4/22/03 [COMPLETED]
  • On Device RA Network Playback - 5/16/03 [COMPLETED]
  • On Device RA/RV Net Playback - 5/29/03 [COMPLETED]
  • On Device Ra/RV + 3GPP Playback - 5/27/03 [COMPLETED]
  • Standard Profile Code Complete- 9/30/03 [COMPLETED]
  • Rich Media Profile Code Complete - 10/15/03 [COMPLETED]
  • Less than 30 bugs blocking Preview Release - 11/3/03 [COMPLETED]
  • Preview Release Candidate - 11/24/03 [COMPLETED]
  • Preview Release - 12/15/03 [COMPLETED]
  • Less than 20 bugs blocking Beta Release - 12/22/04 [COMPLETED]
  • Source code branched - 1/15/04 [COMPLETED]
  • version 1.0 Release Candidate - 3/19/04 [COMPLETED]
  • version 1.0 Release - 3/25/04 [COMPLETED]

Project Members

  • Engineers:
    • Greg Wright
    • Liam Murray
    • Aaron Colwell
    • Milko Boic
  • Project Manager:
    • Milko Boic

Project Links

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